Nov 30, 2011

radio flyer classic trike

i was playing with 3dsmax's modifiers the other week and i came up with a generic "radio-flyer" trike. it's still a work in progress. a lot is yet to be re-modified but i was glad i ended up with this result with just 3 free hours of toying around with stacking modifiers on top of each other.

Nov 19, 2011

Copyright of the owner. Click on link below for further information.

Here it is. The inspiration for my recent render. After looking for a long time, I've finally found the link. I was browsing recently when I came upon it. Now to give credit for the design here is the link: Herzelia Pituah House

Nov 1, 2011

camera 2

an update to another update. i'm just playing with the POV. it could be better if it had furniture inside the house. i'll work on that but for now here's looking at it from the deck.

Oct 17, 2011

reflection - update( FREE SCENE!!!)

i've added some lamps. it's a work-in-progress.

there's something wrong with one of the lamps. if you can tell me which one i'll gladly share the model to the first two to email or comment. :)

Oct 16, 2011


this scene has long been waiting for me to render it. i don't even know where i got the inspiration for this. it is an actual house. i hope i can remember where i got this. email me if you know the project's name or post a comment below.

as always, it is modeled in sketchup and rendered in 3dsmax mental ray. unfinished but i posted anyway. i was just playing around-refreshing my rendering. :)

Sep 6, 2011

andy wants some glowing orb

the rendering part of my brain is collecting cobwebs and dust. here's a little scene to shake the dust off.
i think i'm a little bit rusty though.

grass-o-matic was used for the grass and with the proxy script of Master Zap for making things a lot "lighter" to handle. the main lighting is only a HDRi plugged into the sky slot. mental ray glow material for the orbs and for andy's eyes.

Click for higher resolution

May 21, 2011

after the long long break

here is something for the vacant time wasted in the office.
it's just a practice render. mental ray 3.6. modeled in sketchup.
empty room. click for higher resolution.

empty hallway. click for higher resolution.